(June 12, 2018)

Gents, I've put together an Ultra-high efficiency 8-week fat loss/natural functional movement program where I dumped everything I'd learned over the last 29 years about getting into AND staying in top shape while living a totally normal life.

I think I've finally cracked the code.

This is my masterpiece!

I've made all the mistakes in the first 21 years, and the last 8 I spent proving that what works really works. It does - big time!

So, who is this Ultra-high efficiency 8-week Program for...

If you are a professional man or a (mostly) sedentary business owner in your 30's, 40's or 50's and...

-> You've put on extra 20-30 lbs, your waist is getting bigger and bigger and losing fat is getting harder and harder

-> Your energy, stamina, and performance are not what they once were (your confidence isn't either)

-> You secretly wish that you are in the shape now that you were when you were 20

And, if you want to...

-> Shed 8-20 lbs of fat in just 8 weeks (and keep dropping until you get to your Idel Body + building muscle in a balanced way) * without disrupting your current routine * without doing any crazy diets * without having to go to a gym (unless you absolutely want to)

-> Get back your energy, stamina, performance, AND confidence (let's face it: last time you took your shirt off she didn't say anything, but you saw her face! She was not excited about what she was seeing, was she?)

-> Save time and increase performance, while mastering a POWERFUL MINIMALIST method that will empower you to get into - and stay in top shape for life

If that's what you want then this is for you.

I'm opening 3 spots *only* for three professional men who are dead serious about getting these results fast. (Those that aren't are welcome to stay where they are at.)

* All online with 1-1 access to me. *

* Tough love!!! (If you are invited - you are not getting away with your excuses like you have so far!) *

* A LIFESTYLE PHILOSOPHY! This is what you'll use for the rest of your life to stay in top shape -- just like I am! *

If you want to know more apply here.


* 3 spots only *

* Program starts soon! *

PS: Yes, staying in top shape while enjoying the foods you like, not going to a gym, doing only 2 hours of movement PER WEEK (not per day) at home or at the playground WORKS -- even for someone like me who puts on fat easily... and who has been 70 lbs heavier before! It works for others, too. IT JUST WORKS!