Toughness And Inner Strength Have Their Time And Place

By Ivan Nikolov

I used to be all tough and strong. I didn't realize how weak I was!

Toughness, inner strength have their time and place.

Sometimes, though, the greatest strength can be found in vulnerability and surrender.

Toughness and inner strength are masculine.

Vulnerability and surrender are more feminine.

Just as we all have the masculine in us, we all have the feminine as well.

They balance each other out

("Thanks, genius. I already know that.")


Do you?

Toughness Inner Strength

I used to refuse to feel vulnerable.

I used to reject surrender.

They both felt as if I was going to lose my power...

And... stop being a man!

I considered it to be my duty - and even honor - to be always strong and resilient.

Reflecting on this now... I realize that in my stubbornness to always be strong and not show any signs of vulnerability I was actually ending up weaker... but too proud to admit it...

Because I had to look strong... I had to be strong.

One day - not too long ago - I began to realize that being always tough and strong:

=> Oftentimes actually makes me weak and imbalanced

=> Increases my fear of disapproval and rejection

=> Makes me push away the support of others, thus being selfish as I deny the gift that they desire to give me

=> Removes the "colors" from the palette which I use to paint the picture of my life

So I stopped.

I began allowing the balance of masculine with feminine.

I began allowing vulnerability and surrender.

And, you know what my big discovery was?

In the process of allowing to feel vulnerable, in the process of surrendering to the moment, in the process of giving up the need to be in control I actually discovered the expression of Great Power of a new kind...

An energetic influx that was ...

More pure

More humane

More useful

More heart-centered

More gentle

More balanced

I also discovered that others saw me as more "human" than before

I discovered that I wasn't self-centered anymore - I didn't selfishly deny the gifts of others

I was no longer afraid of disapproval... because I could now afford to be myself and to be more comfortable in my own skin - strong or vulnerable, tough or surrendering...

But, always Powerful.


This is how Nature works, you know?!

You can't deny Nature for too long. It's painful if you do - not only for you but for those around you as your rejection is a denial of their gifts.

So, why not allow the energies to flow the way they must instead of standing in the way of the energetic flow.

Why not allow vulnerability and surrender.

Why not even invite them? Not from a place of victimhood but from a place of honoring both the masculine and the feminine in you when each must be expressed from a place of energetic flow - a gentle and pure balancing act!

What's stopping you?



Selfishness disguised as a virtue?

Denial of human nature?

Fear of being real?

Whatever it is, keep in mind that being one way or another is always your choice.

And, choosing not to choose is a choice, too.

All I can tell you is that you will be surprised at what you are going to discover if but you only ALLOW TO BE MORE HUMAN by not resisting your true nature.

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