Priorities Change. The Mission Doesn’t!

By Ivan Nikolov

PRIORITIES CHANGE (and that is perfectly fine)

Several months ago I had everything.

Now, I have almost nothing.

True story...

Just a few short months ago, I was living a decent life - I had a house, I had an amazing partner in life, I had a motorcycle, I had a car, I was working when I wanted, I had time-freedom...

In other words, I had everything that most people would ever want.

And, though I had most of what a normal person would want to have I was NOT living to my full potential.

Priorities Change,  The Mission Doesn't

I had become comfortable in my little life there. (In the Matrix!)

And, that was a problem!

Now, why would this be a problem?

Because since I was a little child I'd always known that I was born to make a difference in this world.

And, I wasn't making much of a difference.

I was merely living a decent life, living in relative comfort, simply existing.

I knew that. I felt it.

But, I didn't even have the strength to say, "Enough is enough! This must change! I must live the destiny that I've always known I was meant to live! I must make the difference I've always felt I was put here on this planet to make!".

I wasn't strong enough to end my comfy life - and re-alight with the Mission I was born for.

My wife was the strong one.

Over time, she began hurting even more than I was hurting - seeing me slowly settling for mediocre, wasting the potential that both of us knew I've always had.

So, she politely - but firmly - asked me to leave, to go and find myself, to go and figure out a way to regain my own Power - the Power she'd seen in me when she first came to the States and joined me and I had to do literally whatever it took so that we make it past the hardship... so that we survive.

Back to my story...

So, I left the house. I only took 3 chairs, one plastic table and two picknick beds with me.

My priorities started to shift.

I had a new taste of the struggle to survive - again.

I had a new taste of Freedom, too - Freedom I've never known.

I sold my motorcycle.

I sold my car, too.

In the process, I learned a lot about myself - A LOT. And, I continue learning literally every day.

My priorities changed, too - in a big way.

I now value simplicity.

I value my values.

I value my beliefs.

I value my vision.

I value my mission.

I value who I am and who I am becoming.

I value my story.

I value my message.

I now have almost nothing.

Everything I have I can fit in a 3-day duffel travel bag (and a backpack for my computer and my journals).

And, it feels awesome.

Because I have ME AGAIN!

I am more aligned than I have ever been with why I am here on this planet.

Want to know why I'm here?

I am here to shake up all of you who - just like me - have always felt and known deep on the inside (especially from when you were very young, powerful and fearless) that you were born to make a difference - but YOU AREN'T!

That's why I'm here.


Priorities change.

The Mission doesn't change.

The Mission is either lived fully or ignored.

I am living my Mission fully now.