Why Most People Live in Regrets

By Ivan Nikolov

“Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out.” ? Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

The choice in life is actually very simple:

>> Fail a lot because you try all the time, or

>> Live in regrets because you didn't try enough, or...

>> Die getting ready to live!

It's mind-boggling to me how most of us choose to live our lives!

Ivan Nikolov

It's as if we know at all times and with certainty that we have another 20-50 years to live... when, in fact, we never know if it's that or a day, or even an hour!

We live our lives constantly preparing to live and to truly express our gifts and purpose.

Most of us never will.

Most of us will end up in an ocean of regrets later on... when it's a bit too late.

The truth is everybody can fail a lot - and succeed a lot - if they chose to.

There's a prerequisite to failing often, and that's moving past your fears - consistently.

Moving past fear is a learned skill - and for those who society considers successful - a learned behavior, a habit.

Learning to move past fear is not difficult. I've done it. In fact, I do it daily.

Why daily?

Because I require of myself to do daily something that I normally wouldn't do, something that is uncomfortable, something that's scary.

See... the objective is not to become fearless. "Fearless" doesn't exist.

Everybody feels fear. The difference between successful people and failures is this: Successful people don't' let fear stop them. Failures do. That's it.

So, what do you do to move past fear?

Have a quick process to alchemize it on the spot.

Here's one:

>> Move toward fear. Because the closer you get to it the smaller it gets. You can use the 5-second rule for that. Count 5-4-3-2-1 and go.

But, most people run away from fear. And, that's why they are experiencing more of it. And, that's what they do most of the time.

The end result is a lifetime wasted and a mountain of regrets later in life.

Abraham Maslow said:

"The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short."

Rest that on your mind for a second!!!

So, what is the choice that you are consistently making? (from above)

How about this?

How are you going to live your life if you knew that you only have a month to live?

Would anything be different? For sure!

So, why not live every day as if you only had 29 more and that's it?

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