An Essay on Re-membering, Individual Freedom, and Sovereignty

By Ivan Nikolov

This is a reply to someone's video where they opened up for the first time about their abilities to "see" beyond the 5 physical senses, and asking for advice on how to be open about that and fully owning their gifts without being judged by society... without being labeled as a "witch".

My feedback:

"[Name], my invitation to you is to fully own your gifts and once and forever drop the need for approval from others (that stems from the fear of disapproval and judgment). I invite you to fully own your sovereignty, freedom of thought and action, your full right to self-author in any way you wish.

The ultimate FREEDOM is to be able to choose your own experience and to respect other people's choice of what they want to experience. If someone is judging you for the gifts that you have and for being open about your gifts then they have the full right to do that AND they don't have to stick around if they don't like their own experience around you!

Sovereign Individual

Let me tell you something, [Name]: what you call "witchcraft" is actually a set of skills and abilities that we ALL had when we showed up on this planet, but most of us lost - FORGOT - when we became fully integrated into the MATRIX! What you are talking about is re-membering of our own innate abilities to "see" beyond the 5 physical senses, to use the mind's eye, to listen to Spirit, to see the energetic expression of other people, animals, trees, everything. This is in each one of us.

If seeing auras makes you a witch then I am a witch too - I see the energy of trees AND I am and have been very open about that (and I can pierce all the way through to someone's soul -- which we all can do but if we re-member!). I really have no problem with what "others think of me". In fact, I appreciate their experience.

Two of the books that have totally transformed my way of thinking are Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. While I don't fully agree with Ayn Rand's philosophy of individualism, selfishness, and separation, I do fully agree with the stark examples of what it looks like to be a sovereign, self-authoring, self-sufficient powerful individual. I highly recommend these books.

To sum up, drop the need for approval and own your gifts. Express freely. Respect other people's choice to judge you... or not!"

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Martin Gergov last year

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    Thank you for saying that, Martin!

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