It’s Not A Rock Bottom. It’s A Springboard

By Ivan Nikolov

Is the bottom a "rock bottom" or is it a "springboard"?

Your attitude toward how you see the bottom - as a rock bottom or as an opportunity to push off and reach new heights will determine how high you reach in your life.

Everyone hits a rock bottom in their life... In fact, multiple times!


Some people simply choose to stay at the bottom (yes, it's a choice). And, they start working on their "blame" list as a way to justify staying there...

(Because, "I mean... really, what can I do about it?! Nothing, right?! It's the.... [fill in the blank] that's causing my situation.)

Some climb up just a little or to the level they were before - and stay there until the next turn of the seasons come (it always does!).

And, some blast off the bottom (which they see as a springboard) with such vigor that they reach new heights.

The ability to push off the bottom, the ability to always get up and keep going, this optimism that nothing can keep you down on your knees has a name:


I believe that resilience is a form of Mindset.

You are not necessarily born with it.

You cultivate it.

So, what's your attitude toward the winters in the "seasons of life"?

Is the bottom like a magnet for you?

Is the bottom a form of a circumstance which each time takes some of your power away and you end up settling for the average in life?

Or, is the bottom an opportunity, a new chance to reach higher than ever before?

And, whatever your answer is, I trust that you are fully in the knowing that each one of the three outcomes is a choice that you (and I) get to make.

Nobody else decides for us how we handle adversity.

Only we do.

But, that's not even the biggest drama.

The biggest drama is answering this BIGGER question:

What are you CHOOSING for your own life?

Obscurity? (the bottom)

Mediocrity? (the average)

Or, the heights and peaks of fully-expressed personal potential?

Because it's all a MIDSET.

And, it's a CHOICE!


What are you choosing for your own life? What is the attitude that guides the choices that you (consciously or unconsciously) are making when the seasons inadvertently change - and the season that you don't like comes around again?

You are welcome - and celebrated - to be open about it in the comments below.

And... wherever you are in your attitudes toward handling adversity, you are supported and loved!

Just know that there's always a choice.

And, the bottom is NOT a rock bottom!

Unless you say it is.

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