When Did You Give Up On Dreaming Big?

By Ivan Nikolov

Speaking to those who once DREAMED BIG... and then stopped...

Do you remember the time when you could do anything you wanted in life?

The time when nothing was impossible for you?

The time when you felt that you were unstoppable?

Don't give up on your dream

The time when being a millionaire, wildly famous, even a president of a country was so much fun to play with and dream about... and there was no doubt, there was no fear?

Do you remember the time when you felt so special - as if you were touched by God?

I remember that time...

I was the age of 7 to about 9.

I could accomplish anything I desired. And, I had fun just trying different things just to prove to myself (and everybody else) that I could be the best at anything I decided to do!

And, back then I truly believed that I WILL BE very rich and very famous.

I truly believed - and I'm not kidding - that I could be the President of my country if I wanted to!

And, it wasn't intellectual knowing. It was all coming from the deepest place - the place where unconscious knowing and deep unshakable conviction come from.

I "knew" on this deep level that nothing can stop me.


So much fun...

I remember those early days... before things changed for me...

And this shift all happened at the age of 11 - 12.

Something shifted within me in a very powerful - and negative - way...

I no longer considered myself special.

I no longer felt POWERFUL and UNSTOPPABLE.

My DREAMS became much, much smaller.

Hell, when I was 14 I even knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life - work in a factory making old-fashion telephone sets... FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

(I was born and grew up in Communism... back then the all-powerful State simply decided your destiny and fate for you... and you weren't "mister"... you were "comrade")

And, so... that's when I stopped DREAMING BIG.

After all, what's the point of dreaming big when you knew that you were going make telephone sets for the rest of your life.

Fast forward. I'm now 43.

And, I'm still recovering from being "average" and "normal", and "reasonable".

It took me almost 30 years to shift back to what I knew was possible for me.

And, I'm still not done with the process.

I'm still reminding myself daily (by way of powerful daily rituals) to DREAM BIG.

I'm still learning to ALLOW.

To allow the deep knowing that I am all POWERFUL.


That I can - AND MUST - DREAM BIG!

See... a lot of us out there have a story that's very similar to mine...

And, you may be even recognizing your own story in mine!

You may have always know that you were born for bigger things.

You may have always felt that there's more to life than what you are now experiencing.

You most likely have DREAMED BIG at one point (early) in your life.

And, you may have - just like me - given up on dreaming big at some later point in your life.

You may have - just like me - "normalized" your dreams according to...

- What seems reasonable
- What seems "possible"
- Whatever dreams you manage to get past the "fear of judgment"
- What is approved of by societal norms and expectations of you
- What your caregivers, friends, teachers told you that's possible (or not possible) for you

I hear you. I've felt (and still sometimes feel) the pressure of many of those "dream killers"!


We are not here to feel sorry for each other, are we?!

We are here to ask the hard questions and make some powerful decisions today!

(Because... when is NOW the right time to make those powerful decisions?!)

Are you willing to let your "song" die unsung with you departing this 3d world?

Are you willing to settle for DREAMING AVERAGE DREAMS?

Are you willing to forgo the MISSION OF YOUR SOUL?

Are you willing to "accept" that you actually were NOT born for more - and to actually settle for that when you know on a deep Soul-level that that's a lie??

How much longer is it going to be okay to continue dreaming "normalized", "standardized", "average" dreams?

How much longer is it going to be okay to continue breaking the promises to your younger self?

How much longer is it going to be okay to continue breaking the promises to your loved ones in the present who know as well as you do that you've got all this big potential - and you are wasting it?

And, I'm using the word "willing" deliberately because it's all a CHOICE!

You can CHOOSE to restore your BIGGER DREAMS and finally go get busy on your BIGGER MISSION here on this planet...?


You can CHOOSE to continue DREAMING SMALL.

And, self-generated limitations (excuses, blame, procrastination) are no longer an acceptable excuse!

So, what is it going to be for you?

Settle for the AVERAGE DREAMS or make a powerful DECISION and a CHOICE that you will fulfill your ULTIMATE MISSION HERE?

Just so we are clear, denying yourself your BIGGER DREAMS is outright selfish and a disservice to:

- yourself
- your fellow humans
- the planet
- your Soul

Consider this a WAKEUP CALL of sorts!

My BIGGER MISSION ON THIS PLANET is to support in any way I can those who are not afraid to go back to their BIGGER DREAMS, and who CHOOSE to not be held in place by the powerful pull of the center of their Comfort Zone.

If that describes you, if you are (and have always been) a high-achiever, if you are relentless in your desire to architect your own destiny, if you will never ever give up on your bigger mission (even if you don't currently know what your bigger mission is) IDENTIFY YOURSELF!

I want to know who my powerful peers are!

I want to know who you are!


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