I Was Born, Grew Up In, And Survived Communism.

By Ivan Nikolov

Hi, my name is Ivan and I’ve had an amazing journey.

I was born, grew up in, and survived Communism.

When I was 7 I firmly believed and knew without a doubt that I was born powerful and unstoppable.

When I was 14 - still in Communism - I was "assigned" a career - I was going to work in a factory to make old-style telephone sets.

When I was 18 I served in the Bulgarian army. In this "training" environment, I was conditioned out of independent thought and Sovereignty and into Conformity.

I survived Communism

When I was 23 I found myself working in a landfill.

When I was 25 I started competing in Bodybuilding - mostly to create the confidence that I could actually win in life... and partly, so that women like me, and partly so that I'm never ever again bullied or physically overcome by other men.

When I was 28 I immigrated to the US. I found myself on a continent, in a state and in a city where I didn’t know anybody, with no permit to legally work, and with only one month of covered expenses.

When I was 30 I was denied residency in the US. The "message" was basically, “You are not valuable enough to the US people to be allowed to stay in this country.”

When I was 42 my wife asked me to leave - partially because of my long-lasting hesitation to truly step into my Power and to fully own my Mission - because we both knew why I was here and what my true Power was.

I’m 43 years old today, and I have found a way to be successful in what others see as setbacks. I am an Expert on Change and overcoming Fear... because I've gone through plenty in my life.

My story is from a world away. I believe that just hearing it will open you up to possibilities in your life. My mission is to inspire you.

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