My Personal Guiding Principles for Living A Good Life

By Ivan Nikolov

As we are sending 2017 off, I wanted to share with you my own Personal Guiding Principles for Living A Good Life the Ethical Heart-centered Way.

These principles are what I begin my journaling each morning with. They serve as my compass throughout the day - as a constant guiding constellation.

They are not a set in stone. They evolve as I evolve. Some came from my mentors, some from books, some from my own contemplation of my own human condition.

Guiding Principles - Ivan

Here we go...

My Personal Guiding Principles:

1. Know WHAT you want and WHY you want it!

2. Stay FAITHFUL to what you want!

3. Hold the image of what you want constantly in your mind's eye!

4. Give yourself permission to MESS UP and FAIL often!

5. Every day do at least 2 things that are UNCOMFORTABLE or outright SCARE YOU!

6. Be impeccable with your WORD!

7. Don't make assumptions! Ask big QUESTIONS - of yourself and others!

8. Allow others to have their own experience! Release attachment to their outcome!

9. Always do your best!

10. Be REAL!

I am not perfect with them. And, I'm fine with that. I don't want to be perfect.

I always to do my best in doing my best.

Do you have your own guiding principles?

If yes, please share them with me.

If not, maybe now is a good time to start strengthening your philosophy by creating your own guidelines for how you want to - and are - living your life.

Happy, prosperous and full of love and success 2018!

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