A Must-do Journaling Exercise – Not For Followers!

By Ivan Nikolov

As I was journaling this morning I asked myself this question, which I decided to answer in written form in my journal:

"Who am I?"

I wrote almost a page of what first came to mind, and then I remembered about an exercise that one of the people I call my mentors - Ron Lynch - put me through when we first met.

Later, he taught me the same exercise in an interview I did with him (this interview is on Youtube, by the way).

So, the exercise is a very, very neat way to discover what your own qualities are - the ones that you have deep in your DNA and you want to truly cultivate.

He asked me this question: "Who are 3 people - dead or alive, you don't have to know them personally - who you admire the most?"

I gave my top two and I had to think about the third for a bit... but eventually I had a third person that I truly admired.

Then he asked me: "What are 3 qualities in each one of them that you truly admire?"

I had to think about this really hard, but eventually I came up with 3 qualities in each one of them.

Then he said: "You know... The qualities you just stated are your own values! That's why you are resonating so deeply with these 3 people! And, these are the values you want to live your life by."

I learned a lot about myself that day!

I did the same exercise in written form in my journal this morning. I was surprised a bit to discover that two of my original people that I deeply admire have changed!

Nothing bad about that! It simply means that I am changing, I am growing, I am evolving - and my qualities and values are evolving as well.

So, now I have a pretty good snap shot of who I am and what drives me.

The moral of the story is, if you want to know what drives you it's good to not only do this exercise (and other exercises, similar to this) but also to regularly journal - daily actually!

Getting a journal is a great way to start. But, if you don't know what to do from there you may want to get in a program like my Life Mastery tribe where you get all these power and growth rituals sorted out in a hurry, so that you can go on living your true destiny... rather than a mediocre life which is what most people end up living. Sad...


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