You Attract Everything In Your Life – Including The Things You Don’t Want

By Ivan Nikolov

Whatever it is that you REALLY want - you create that in your life!

Whatever it is that you REALLY don't want - you create that in your life, too.

Both statements are true.

The hardest concept to understand is that you create - or attract - everything in your life - including the things that you don't want.

But, once you understand this concept - and you actually accept that whatever it is that you are receiving as results in your life right now you created it, then it becomes easy to move on and toward improvement.

The reason why accepting that you create everything in your life is a necessary prerequisite is that if you don't accept it you blame people, circumstances, and events outside of you for the results that you are getting.

And, for as long as you are ascribing the cause to circumstances outside of you you cannot change them. Because, by definition you cannot control what's outside of you.

But, why is it that we attract everything in our lives - including the bad things - the things that we absolutely don't want?

The reasons are hard to explain in a short article, but let's just say that whatever feelings you put out into the Universe you get back stuff that makes you feel the same way. 

So, for example, if you got into a car crash and you zero in on the moment you felt right after the car crash and then you go back hours, days or weeks and check in with yourself whether there were moments when you felt the exact same way, you'd find out that there were such moments.

And, probably not moments but hours.

While you were feeling that way you were putting out into the Universe the vibrations of that feeling - and the Universe took care of it by ensuring that you get more of what you demonstrated that you want to feel more of.

That's the simplest explanation.

The reason why we get more stuff that we don't want than stuff that we want is simple - we think negative thoughts (and feel negative feelings) roughly 80 percent of the time. Therefore, we get more of the same about 80 percent of the time.

That's how the Law of Attraction works, guys!

The thing to understand very well is this - the Law of Attraction works all the time - whether you are conscious of it or not. It never stops working. And, if you are thinking negative though and putting out into the universe negative feelings (lower frequencies) then that's what you will be getting more of - without a doubt!

The key to completely shifting your reality is to completely shift how you feel during most of the day. If you feel good during most of the day, that's what you are putting out more of and that's what you'll be getting back more of.

It's that simple. 

Yes, it takes more time to go into detail about how it all works. But, the essence is this. And, if you can accept that you will be in a position to rewrite your reality pretty quickly - as quickly as you can re-adjust your thinking and create a habit of thinking thoughts that make you feel good most of the time.

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