Foolish Consistency – A Bad Form Of Inauthenticity

By Ivan Nikolov

Yesterday, I got an email from the assistant of Dan Quiggle to let me know that the podcast episode in which he interviewed me is up (you can listen to it on iTunes here).

I had been waiting anxiously for this recording to come out because I thoroughly enjoyed it and I couldn't wait to listen to it myself.

I also couldn't wait to share it with my tribe!

So, I listened to it this morning. I was amazed at how I laid out my philosophy, my values, my beliefs, the stories I told about growing up in Communism, in the army and how that robbed me from my being a natural leader and submitted me into conformity...

And, so, this was all great. I also heard in a segment of the recording a piece that was no longer resonating with me.

See, 3-4 weeks ago I still was of the conviction that being spiritual and being rich and incredibly wealthy are two opposites.

Can you imagine... In just 3-4 short weeks my views on this have changed so much so that I now consider the opposite to be true - being rich IS being spiritual and of service to the human race.

Because... well, many reasons. But here's one: It's kinda hard to be broke and help a lot of people. 

Yes, you can put on a cloak and get out there and start traversing the world and helping people while being in poverty yourself. And, that's totally fine.

But, it's not for me.

And, yes, you don't have to be particularly incredibly rich in order to be of service. No, of course. But, would you agree that more money would allow you to do more things for more people - like build schools for kids, instead just donating a blanket?!

The truth is money is a potential power, a potential resource which only augments one's own values. If one is a good person, they become even better - because they can do even more good.

If one holds values that the majority agrees are against humanity - they can do more horrible things with more money.

It's how it works. Period.

And, I am a good person. I know that for myself (although, that's my own judgment, I know that as well... but most people would agree that I hold noble values as my own truths).

Anyways. That's not what I wanted to write about.

I wanted to say this: I noticed that my beliefs in the above area have changed. And, I decided to admit that to my tribe immediately.

So, I posted the podcast link. And, after that I got on a FB live video and shared that my values have changed in this one area.

This is what's called "not being a slave of Foolish Consistency".

See, a lot of people would prefer to never admit before the world that what they used to think and say till yesterday has now changed - for fear of being called inconsistent, or a swinger.

I hold that this is a trap. Not only that, but it keeps you in Contraction instead of in Expansion - because it forces you to be inauthentic.

I don't know about you, but I am committed to Expansion and Self-actualization - FULLY - in this lifetime. And, things like being called inconsistent do not bother me a bit!

That's just me. And, I like ME that way.

What allows me to be that way is that I took the time to establish my personal philosophy and to also decide and commit to not being held back from fears, doubt, limitation, hesitation, resistance, consistency, conformity.

And, I'm true to my commitment.

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