Don’t Try To Do It All Alone! There’s a Better Way!

By Ivan Nikolov

It's the summer of 2016. I'm sitting on my desk, facing the Truth, having to admit that the way I've been trying to do it for 42 years is just NOT WORKING.

It's been quite a journey since then.


Now, a year and a half later I've learned a lot of things... and I had to forget a lot of things, too.

(I even tattooed a reminder on my left arm to never ever submit to fear, resistance, hesitation, and conformity)


I will never ever say that I now understand.

I will never ever say that I now know.

Because the truth is I don't... and I never will.

I am committed to remaining a most humble student of life for as long as I move around in this physical body.

Still, I've learned a few things along the way.

I've learned that a powerful sifts in life can happen ONLY when one:

1. Accepts full responsibility for their current results
2. Makes a powerful decision that enough is enough and this must change
3. Begins to act powerfully and from a place of alignment with his/her own Purpose, Vision, Values, and Intuition (own signal) - it's called alignment
4. Becomes unstoppable

I've also learned that I cannot do it all alone!

I've tried that for 42 years - being alone... trying to figure out everything on my own, not having any support (only my partner in life), nobody to help me shorten my path, nobody to see me where even I couldn't see myself, nobody to help me move from A to J without having to go through B, C, D.. etc.

Now I know what it takes to move fast, to pick up forward momentum and to keep that momentum.

I know what it takes to "become unstoppable" - from a mindset perspective, and from also having the powerful support of others who know the shortcuts.

I don't go at it alone anymore. I'm not trying to figure it all out on my own.

Because I don't have a whole lot of time. I've got one shot at this and I'm acutely aware of that.

It's called life! And, it's a temporary occurrence (and, an honor) that we all get to make the most of - yet, many don't!

I'm not telling you all of this because I am a coach and I want to appeal to your emotions and cause you to reach out to me so that I can tell you how I can help you.

I'm telling you this because I firmly believe not only in being mentored but in investing heavily in that process - in other words, in having a lot of skin in the game - so that there's no hesitation when I get to step 3 and 4 above... and so that I stay there... confidently, knowing that someone's got my back.

It's one of the things that I firmly - and unapologetically - believe in.

I believe in heavily investing in yourself financially, energetically, and timewise. All of these are important. And, that's why I do it!

If you don't believe me that investing in yourself in all ways is important, ask yourself this: do you know of anyone who has put all the energy and the time but hasn't gotten the results?

I know I did exactly this for 42 years and I know what my results were - incremental and far from my dreams.

And, I know that you do know people who are like this.

And, maybe that's you.

One way or another, if you currently find yourself not exactly where your dreams are projecting you should be, and if you don't let your ego stand in the way, what I shared above could be a great diagnostic tool for you to use to find out where the problem is...

For example:

Are you not taking full responsibility of your current situation?

Are you not making a powerful decision to shift?

Are you not acting consistently and in a powerful way?

Are you giving up prematurely because it's been weeks (months, years, whatever) and it hasn't been working for you?

Or, are you trying to do it all alone - to keep reinventing the wheel every time and for everything?

Or, are you putting the energy and the time, AND all the advice, all the "how-to" is coming from free (or cheap) sources of information?

Because remember? You get what you pay for. (not my saying but true!)

Just a few questions to consider at your leisure.

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