Ivan Nikolov

It’s time to stop making yourself small!

It’s time to stop making yourself small!

It’s time to take up the space you deserve!

Making yourself small, trying to squeeze your unlimited Essence inside the box of a scared and hurt version of your unlimited self – that’s heavy…

That’s very high pressure!

I know how heavy that is because I personally felt this way for decades – I felt like dying slowly, one day at a time.

Deep on the inside, I have always felt that there’s so much more that I was meant to do, to give, to express, to share with others.

Yet, I wasn’t doing any of that to a degree that really mattered… I was only doing that to an anemic degree that made me feel worse every single day…

Because my smallness was the clearest demonstration of the contrast of possibility – and that’s exactly what hurt tremendously!

How did I get out of this?

I worked with coaches, teachers, guides who refused to believe my bullshit stories and narratives, who offered their empowering beliefs about me, and who held my hand for long enough for me to test their assumptions about me and create the empowering evidence that their assumptions are actually true.

And, naturally, I had to drop the narratives, the limiting constructs that weren’t serving me, that were keeping me small, that were preventing me from taking up the space that I’ve always known is mine, but didn’t dare claim it.

To be honest with you it’s one of the biggest miracles to witness someone reclaim their space and occupy it like they’ve always been meant to – that is before they became “domesticated” and started living safe small lives.

It’s even a bigger miracle to finally stop making yourself small and reclaim your own space.

From then on, no matter how the circumstances look like, deep on the inside it feels good, warm, calm – like the eye of a hurricane.

Can this “re-awakening”, this “remembering” be done in a different way? I’m sure it can.

But, that was my way. And, that was (and is) the way of the beautiful people who chose me as their coach and teacher.

If this message “called” you at a deeper level let me know.

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