How do you know your purpose, your calling, your mission?

By Ivan Nikolov

How do you know what you’re supposed to do in life?

How do you know your purpose, your calling, your mission?

I don’t have a straight answer to this.

(I’m sorry.)

Here’s what I know today:

You don’t have to know before you start taking action.

In fact, that looks like it’s the only sure fire way to know... by:

- Listening ( I mean listening deep within, listening to that little voice that’s connected)

- Then acting on what you hear 

- And, sometimes acting on what you’ve already planned (your to do list)

You think I know what exactly I’m supposed to do?

Some days I feel like I do.

Some days I really don’t know what I’m doing.

But, by taking INSPIRED ACTION every day I get closer and closer.

How do I know?

I get more and more peaceful.

So, if you ask me today: “How do I know what I’m called to do and how I’m supposed to serve?”

That’s what I’ve got for you: keep taking action - inspired (flow), and sometimes planned (hustle).

Take this post for example, I didn’t know I was going to type that until 5 seconds before I started typing.

I’m now walking in the forest I grew up and played with the other kids in 30+ years ago.

A voice within me said, “This must get out of you now.”

And, it did.

That’s why you can read it now.

Did I have to know why I’m here in order to act on that ancient impulse?


It’s not that complicated, lights. We make it complicated.

(I often do... and that’s a part of my bigger lesson.)

You and I are exactly where we need to be! There’s nothing wrong with you or me.

Just “listen” and act. That’s all it’s asked of us. That’s all.

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