There is NOTHING WRONG with carrying a few extra pounds

By Ivan Nikolov

There is NOTHING WRONG with having a few extra pounds on your body.

And, I'm not using this as a pattern interrupt (or a cognitive dissonance trick). I really mean it.

Here's why...

There's nothing wrong with carrying weight above your Ideal Body Weight (you can calculate the IBW here... no email required:


* Your health is not suffering.

You aren't at risk of developing type-2 diabetes or any other "lifestyle" dis-ease. Not only now, but you aren't on that future track either.

Also, your body is fully cooperating and "willing", and you don't feel "restricted" by pain and ailments, or brokenness in any way.

* Your confidence and self-esteem are not negatively affected.

You aren't avoiding people, situations, events, opportunities, or avoiding wearing the clothes that you'd love to wear, or activities that you'd like to do, the life that you'd like to live. You aren't using 5-10-year-old pics on your online profiles.

You aren't feeling at any level "less than", "undeserving", "unworthy", "unlikeable/unlovable". You aren't living your life with even an ounce of shame, embarrassment, guilt, self-deprecation, anger directed inwards.

In truth, your self-esteem and confidence should NEVER be based on how you look!!! Which, unfortunately, is not the case with most people. Most people feed on external validation instead of being internally self-validated.

* Your energy, aliveness, vigor levels aren't affected.

You wake up every day ready to take on the world. You don't experience early-afternoon energy slump. You don't use coffee and sugar as an alternative "fuel" source.

* Your relationships and intimate relationship aren't suffering.

Your spouse not only says that they like you "exactly the way you are" - they'll always say that - that's their duty - to love as the way we are and to be the last pillar that props us up and maintains our oftentimes fragile confidence and self-assurance.

The people you want to be around - who inspire you - aren't making themselves less and less available. They actually want to hang out with you even more.

* You aren't setting a bad example for your children.

You are the role model and idol for your children. And, their open minds take anything at face value - deductively - between ages 0-7 but really all the way up to the age of 14. So, whatever they "see" during that critical time will be accepted as the "normal" or even the preferred way to be.

* Your work/business/career is not negatively affected.

You aren't holding back from jumping on that new opportunity. Even more, you haven't shut your senses (RAS, whatever...) down for opportunities altogether due to negative self-conditioning. You aren't holding back from asking for what you know you're worth, or that promotion, or that bigger project.

You are not losing clients because you've been pre-judged as someone who can't get a handle of her/his own body - something that basic - let alone help them solve their matters and issues. Or, you aren't charging less because of low self-worth or the need to be liked and/or approved of.

If none of the above areas are negatively affected, and you live a life of full self-acceptance, self-reverence, and self-love (not from a selfish standpoint, but from a purely divine standpoint - just because "YOU ARE") - then, REALLY, I don't see any valid reason why you should EVER succumb to what society (or any trainer, coach, mentor, role model) "says" is the ideal! None!

- - -

There you have it. I'm not a member of the 6- or 8-pack police.

As a part of my own evolutionary path, I am learning - and practicing - seeing things, situations, people, events, circumstances OBJECTIVELY.

And, when I look objectively on the issue of overweight (not grossly obese, though - that's a bit different... there's a real danger there and a cost to the person and society), that's what I honestly see.


- Ivan

PS. If you aren't "happy" with where you're at, based on the above, and you don't know how to solve this for yourself, reach out. If not, if you are exactly where you want to be - more wind in your back. Respect.

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