Thoughts Are Things – What You Think About You Become

By Ivan Nikolov

Thoughts are things. What you think about you become.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

I have. Many times. And, for the biggest part of my life I ignored this message.

Thoughts are things and whatever you think about it becomes a part of your experience by being attracted into your experience.

Here’s the raw truth:

If you don’t like where you are at today, and if you don’t like your results in your life so far the reason for this is with your thoughts (and feelings) that you’ve thought in the past and up until this moment, which you call “now” you have attracted those results into your life.

It’s very simple. If you want different results change what you think about!

That’s it.

Listen, it may sound harsh, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault that you’ve been thinking thoughts that are not serving you.

I too used to think such thoughts. So, this is not foreign to me. Even to this day every so often I get a thought that I know is not aligned with my best destiny… but I can catch it now and interrupt the thinking pattern.

So, if you are thinking that learning to be aware of what you are thinking and stepping into – when you have to interrupt the pattern – is not in your power, you are wrong. 

I did it. So have millions of others. So can you, too!

The true reason why you (and I up until recently) are thinking mostly negative thoughts is that that’s the way you are conditioned from early childhood.

“You are not smart enough.”

“You are not good enough.”

“You will never amount to anything.”

“Money is bad.”

“Money is hard to make.”

These all (and there are countless more) thoughts that we are conditioned to think from very early on. Add to that negative energies like Fear and Anger and you’ve got yourself a good mix of material for negative thinking!

But, the truth is you are not stuck with it.

If you’ve always felt that it is possible to change your thinking – and by extension your outcomes in life – you are correct. It is possible, and it is available to you.

It is a choice that you must make. And, this choice is entirely up to you.

If you choose to change your results and outcomes by upgrading your thoughts you will. Be sure of that! If you choose not to, you won’t. Be sure of that, too!

Just imagine what would life be like if negative thoughts that come from limiting beliefs, fear and anger were replaced by positive thoughts that come from a place of alignment with your True Self, from knowing that you are the Creator of your life experience, from knowing that you are the painter of the canvas of your life – and the choice, and the power is entirely in your own hands.

It is.

You simple have to choose.

And, to act with confidence in the knowing that as you change your results in life will change, too.

They will.

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