Jan 27, 2022 Update: I made a decision to terminate Mission 1000. I no longer offer complimentary coaching calls! 

Read more about my decision here

Are you experiencing persistent problems in your

Relationships, Professional & Personal Life? 

In just 30 minutes, you will discover the true reasons why your problems keep persisting and why you can't seem to be able to move past themAt the end of the 30 minutes, you will literally be a different person.

My Mission: To gift 1,000 complimentary 30-min coaching sessions and to be the catalyst for a complete shift in the lives of hundreds of people.

Sessions gifted


Out of 1,000

Of Goal Complete

My name is Ivan Nikolov. I help people discover and erase their hidden sources of struggle and limitation, so they can finally begin allowing the levels of success, health, and relationships they truly deserve.

Before you decide to request a 30-min gifted coaching conversation with me here's what you need to know: Coaching with me is not necessarily comfortable. I am not interested in being liked. I'm interested in tangible results and outcomes for you - possibly in just 30 min.

Here's what to expect to accomplish as a result of a 30-min gifted coaching session with me:

  • Expect to confront the hidden mental models and scripts that are driving your self-sabotaging behavior
  • Expect a new sense of clarity and knowing, like coming out of the dark - this itself can end confusion and frustration
  • Expect new and profound sense of Inner Peace, but also an incredible new sense of Power to change things

Here's what NOT to expect: Don't expect to solve ALL of your life problems in just 30 minutes. That said, you'll see more progress in how you view yourself in the world in 30 minutes than you've seen in the last 20-30 years.

This is for individuals who...

  • Don't know what's holding them back from claiming more of the vast personal potential they know they have
  • Are ready to be raw, vulnerable, open, honest
  • Accept being lovingly challenged without defending their position or otherwise letting their ego come in the way

This is NOT for individuals who...

  • Aren't willing and ready to be uncomfortable and to play full out
  • Don't accept being challenged
  • Have a victim mindset and those who indulge in excuses

If all of this resonates, click the Apply Now button below, fill out the  Application Form and follow the instructions at the end.

Looking forward to having a truly transformation 30 minutes conversation with you.

~ Ivan

What others are saying about their 30 minutes coaching experience 

Will I have to pay for the gifted coaching session?

No. The 30-minute coaching session is a gift to you. If at the end of the session you want to know what it would take for you to continue to experience powerful transformational insights on a regular basis - just ask.

Will I be sold something?

No. Although I do this work on a paid basis, I don't discuss paid coaching during the gifted coaching sessions. That said, if you want to know more about continuing to work with me - just ask.

If I like the gifted coaching can I tell my friend about it?

Absolutely. Simply share this page with them: www.IvanNikolov.com/1000

If I want to continue coaching with Ivan after our 30-min complimentary coaching session, will this be an option?

Simply ask.

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