How To Create A To-Do List That Produces Results

By Ivan Nikolov

In this video, I share an old, old method for increasing productivity. It's a method for creating a To-Do list and for approaching the tasks on it in a way that virtually guarantees very high level of productivity and accomplishment.

This method was presented to Charles Schwab almost 100 years ago by a gentleman by the name of Ivy Lee.

It's a way to plan your tasks for the next day and to stay extremely focused on one task until it is complete before moving on the next.

Ivy Lee told Charles Schwab:

"Get a sheet of paper and write the 6 things that you must accomplish tomorrow."

"Next, prioritize the tasks in order of importance from 1 to 6."

"When you come to work the next day, start with item number one and do not move on to item number two until you have completed item number one. Continue down the list in that order."

"If you have any items left unaccomplished at the end of the day move those items to the next day's To-Do list."


?Charles Schwab was so amazed with the results that he called Ivy Lee in his office 90 days later and gave him a check for $25,000. To put it in perspective, in today's money that is almost a half a million dollars.

I personally use this method for preparing and executing my To-Do lists.

And, it works!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.?