What I (Unapologetically) Stand For

By Ivan Nikolov

These are the absolutely necessary elements of Life Mastery - the way I see Life Mastery. This is what I advocate. This is what guides my own life.

It's the result of my own deep inner work, and a decision to live life unapologetically, on my own terms.

The Template (Take what you like, leave the rest. What you decide to keep - own it!)...

What I Stand For


Clarity is a result of Deep Self-knowledge, Deep Inner Work.

Major questions of life to ponder and answer for oneself:

- Who am I? (Areas: Money, Flow/Alignment, Community, Personal, Stuff)
- What am I?
- What is my Purpose (beyond money)? Why am I here?
- How do I serve?
- What is Flow? What is Alignment?
- What is my true message, my true voice?


- Freedom from fear, doubt, limitation, shame, unworthiness, powerlessness
- Freedom to choose one's own experiences, freedom to direct one's own life - UNAPOLOGETICALLY!


- Congruency between thoughts, words, feelings, actions
- Unapologetically expressing what I stand for
- Being in Integrity with self
- Being in Integrity with others


- Keeping a constant watch for the Forces of Contraction - fear, doubt, hesitation, etc.
- Staying away from Complacency, Stagnation, Drift


- I am the Director of my own life! I am a Self-authorizing sovereign individual! I design my own destiny!
- I see others not where they are, but where they could be! I help others create their own Vision. I am a Choice Creator and an Expansion Advocate!


- Communication from the heart, not from a place of Ego
- Holding space, judgement-free
- Active listening, Socratic questions that lead to Deep Truths discovery
- Interruption-free, distraction-free, undivided attention
- Staying out of my own head
- Constant High-frequency flow in the direction of the fellow human I am with
- Fully stepping outside of the spotlight. Ego-free allowing for the other person to fully shine
- Helping the other person feel under-stood, important, and that they truly matter

These are my Tenets - a result of long and deep self-study.

This is what I stand for.

This is how I empower myself and others (those who are ready).

If you resonate with what I said above, if that is how you live - OR WANT TO LIVE - your life...

I invite you to join me and other likeminded self-authorizing sovereign individuals --> in our Tribe - the Life Mastery Alliance.

If this way of doing LIFE - if this way of doing YOU - is way too scary for you maybe you are still not ready for this.

And, that is fine, too.


If you are ready

If you can see yourself living the life I described above

If you are ready to live life on your own terms

If you are ready to tune into your Purpose and start expressing from a place of Purpose and Alignment

If you want to have a meaningful impact on your tribe, your community, humanity, the world...

Start your 7-DAY FREE Life Mastery Alliance trial now!

See you on the other side!

Or not.

Staying the same is cozy, too!

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