Life Mastery Is a 3-Step Process

By Ivan Nikolov

Life Mastery is a 3-step process. This is what I realized today during journaling.

See, I've always had my own explanations around Life Mastery and they mostly revolved around areas of life to master, including skills and abilities.

Today I realized that it's a lot simpler than that.

Here are the 3 steps:

Step 1. Acknowledge and Accept

Acknowledge that your current reality - everything that you like, don't like - is a direct result, a pure reflection of all of your past choices up until this moment.

Once you acknowledge that - accept it.

That's when you are ready to move onto the next step. Can't do anything about your life if you are stuck on this step and you cannot move past it!

If you are stuck here - you are stuck in Victimhood!

Step 2: Deep Inner Work (Mindset work)

Laying the groundwork. Answering questions like:

- Who am I?
- What am I?
- Who do I want to be?
- How do I serve? How do I express? Why am I here? (What is my Purpose?)
- What are my Values
- What are my Core Beliefs
- What do I unapologetically stand for?
- What do I unapologetically stand against?
- What is my True Message, and am I ready/willing/have the guts to share it with the world?

If you don't have clarity on these super-important questions you don't have your own philosophy! You are stuck "borrowing" from other people's philosophies. And, that's called "using the results of other people's thinking", or even "dogma".

Basically, you are a Follower, not a Leader!

But, clarity aside, you still must do the Mindset work so that you condition your mind daily ?as to where you are going - you stay focused on the objective!

And, "daily" is a keyword here - you change, your philosophies change!

Taking the time to "know who you are" every day is what I call "taking snapshots of your most current version of you".

Step 3: Powerful, inspired Action

Most people do this backward. They start with the action, not knowing what they stand for and what their purpose is, not being in alignment with their true signal!

Then they wonder why they are getting different results, no results at all, or are utterly unhappy and unfulfilled in life.

Important distinction!!! Powerful, inspired Action comes from:

A. Being in alignment with your Source, your signal, your True Self, your intuition, imagination (inspiration, excitement). In other words, feeling for your own signal (not your Ego - the loud chatter in your head, and not Logic!).

B. Being in alignment with your Purpose - knowing why you are here for.

With Purpose, there are two important conditions:

?- Your True Purpose must be bigger than you, and
- Your True Purpose goes far beyond making money

?To sum up, Step 1 is mandatory. There's no moving to Step 2 if you don't fully acknowledge and accept that you are the boss of your reality.)

Not unless you want to slide back into Mediocrity, Victimhood (being the effect and not the cause), Stagnation.

Just as a reminder...

Leaning toward your greatness, your best reality, your highest frequency, your self-authorship is a CHOICE.

Being average is a CHOICE, too!

Either is fine.

Up to you.